A digital Speed Governor  is a device whose primary function is to control the Fuel feed to the engine, in order to limit the vehicle speed to a preset value. 


The Karibia Speed governor is designed in line with the KS 2295-1:2018 standards specifying the requirements for the performance and installation of devices designed to limit the maximum road speed of motor vehicles by control of engine power. The older generation of speed limiters introduced via the “Michuki Rules” were prone to tampering, leading the Kenyan government in 2013 to introduce a new standard for digital speed limiters, and  then the standard was later amended in 2018 hence KS 2295-1:2018.


The new generation of NTSA approved digital speed governors have various mechanisms to prevent tampering, and at the same time has data recording and online transmission capabilities, allowing law enforcement officers to retrieve speed data when required




The Karibia Speed Governor provides a 3 in 1 solution for its users by providing the following features


  1. Speed Governing

  2. Speed Recording

  3. Vehicle Tracking


The Karibia Speed Governor is a fuel-based electronic road speed limiter, which limits the top speed smoothly by gradually cutting off the fuel supply to the engine, once the maximum allowed speed limit is reached. The device helps operators to improve Engine life, Fuel efficiency and reduce the overall maintenance cost. 


The Karibia Speed Governor is also a speed recording device, which monitors the functioning of speed limiter and also records the highest speed in every 5 seconds. This data is recorded continuously and can be stored for up to72 hours.  The data can later be retrieved to be used by authorities to ensure that there is no tampering to the speed limiters. This is particularly important in the event of an accident since the speed report can be used as evidence.


The Karibia Speed Governor is also a vehivcle tracking unit that  uses GPS technology for tracking and fleet management. We have also provide users with a web and a mobile phone app that allows users to track their motor vehicles in real time. This allows user to utilize features like geo-fencing, text and email alerts to mobile device and remote shut down of vehicles.