Road Safety First!

Almost everyone has heard about or witnessed high speed vehicle road accidents and collisions which
lead to many injuries, deaths and destruction of property. To minimize such incidents, the
government has seen it wise to create a policy regarding speed governor. It is essential that we all
comply with the policy since it is one reliable way of guaranteeing our safety and the safety of
our properties.

Aside from the road safety function, speed governors also play other vital roles, one of which is
minimizing strain on the vehicle’s engine. This is highly helpful in increasing engine life and
improving fuel consumption. As a vehicle owner, you will thus enjoy lower maintenance cost
due to enhanced efficiency and improved fuel consumption. It has also been confirmed that
speed governors help minimize pollution, hence contributing towards environmental safety.
Indeed, installing a speed governor has a wide range of positive impacts.

It is very important that you go for the speed governors that are approved by the government because they have
undergone comprehensive quality assessment. They are as such more reliable and will ensure
that you do not compromise the quality standards set by the government.

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We at Karibia have been approved by NTSA to install speed governors for different vehicles, including trucks, school buses, motorbikes among others.

Do get in touch with us for more details.