Maximizing Fleet Profitability: The Three Secrets

As a fleet owner or manager, there is no doubt that one of your major goals is maximizing the fleet profits. But this objective would be extremely difficult if not impossible to accomplish if you cannot keep the fleet costs to the lowest possible level. Minimizing fleet costs entails two primary elements: proper usage of the fleet vehicles and effective management of the drivers’ conducts. Fleet tracking technology has proven to be one of the most reliable ways of ensuring efficient fuel use and safe driving, thus enhancing operations and eliminating unnecessary expenditures. Well-managed fleet tracking solutions have the capacity of offering real-time data relating to efficacy, or lack of the same, of your fleet. Get to know ways of utilizing the data for the purposes of minimizing your costs and maximizing your profits.

1.     Enhancing General Driver Conduct 

The truth is that drivers have different experience levels on the routes, and their work ethics may also differ. With the aid of a fleet tracking system, you will be equipped with relevant information more so with respect to the drivers’ conducts on route. It will be easier to identify aggressive drivers who may pose threats to the public through instances of harsh breaking and sharp cornering among others. Such incidents not only jeopardize the reputation of your company but also increase the degree of wear and tear on your vehicle(s). As a result, the overall equipment worth is significantly reduced and so is your profitability.

2.     Optimizing Routing

Every moment drivers set forth to convey or pick up goods, they take quite a substantial amount of time to plan and prepare for the journey. But do you know it is possible to have the process streamlined with the assurance that the drivers select the best routes? This is where the GPS tracking system proves to be a very effective alternative in the reduction of fleet expenses. It is vital to consider using satellite technology for the purposes of coordinating the drivers’ routes – ensuring they have real-time informs whenever there is road maintenance, traffic, as well as other rationales for diversions. Instead of having to coordinate with the drivers’ desired direction-finding technique, the technology easily synchronizes all routing into one channel for absolute convenience.  As such, you have the ability of tracking every vehicle on route to offer information on routing at the comfort of your desk.

3.     Reducing Fuel Wastage

Fuel is one of the major causes if increases in fleet expenses, making up at least 40% of the entire fleet cost. Maintaining steady fleet speed has been determined by experts as among the realest approaches to saving fuel and money spent on it. Information in your fleet tracking reports will help a great deal in singling out unreasonably speeding drivers aside from determining high ratios of fleet speed fluxes. This will offer you as a fleet manager actual proof for presenting to the drivers such that they cannot deny any speeding concern linked to their vehicles. Since the speeding conduct of the drivers shall have been potentially improved, it will be easier to regulate the fuel costs.


You can have an easy solution for such issues instantly by adopting a reliable fleet tracking solution. Karibia is the perfect choice for minimizing fleet costs and maximizing your profits. We are ready to help you enhance your bottom line through our advanced GPS fleet tracking system which is inclusive of all aspects favorable for your fleet.