Without a doubt, we need speed to catch up with time which is literally the most valuable asset in life.  Everybody has to chase time because that is the only way we will keep up with the pace of life, survive the hefty competition, and catch up with our goals just as exemplified by Eliud Kipchoge’s Ineos 1.59 race scheduled Saturday 12th October 2019. However, for drivers, speeding could pose some serious risks especially if not controlled. That is where Karibia Speed Governors come in. With such a high quality speed governor, you are sure to minimize road carnage, protect your vehicle, and save lives. It is important to understand that not all speed governors in the market are of high quality. Of course not. That’s why you should consider Karibia Speed Governor which is designed with three vital features, i.e. Speed Limiter, Tracker, and Speed Recorder. In addition, it comes with special vehicle features like Fleet Management and Geo-fencing. More essentially, the product is extremely reliable since it has undergone comprehensive testing and assessment before being certified by both the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) and the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).

Karibia supports the Ineos 1.59 challenge because we believe speed is vital as long as safety is assured. Don’t be left out, join the champions’ club and get yourself a Karibia Speed Governor today. You will definitely have a great drive, with your safety guaranteed. As you celebrate the new 1.59 record, celebrate the new and best vehicle product in the market – Karibia Speed Governor.

Karibia Speed Governor is a product of Karibia Technology Solutions.