Heroes on Wheels


Since time in memorial, it has been a hustle maneuvering the busy streets of our capital city.

Most blame the situation on logistics personnel who often park their vehicles in undesignated areas. This occurs as they go about their businesses in either the matatu sector or the cargo handling sector.

Traffic has never been anyone’s cup of tea, but things have now pivoted as a large portion of the population is mandated to observe safety protocols that involve staying at home. When these were introduced, most streets in major urban centers emptied virtually overnight.

We would like to express our utmost respect and gratitude to all doctors, pharmacists, medical and nursing personnel, security guards, food vendors, police and fire service, who Have To Be At Work for you to Stay At home.

Also important to this whole value system are the drivers who transport above professionals to their various workplaces, as well as those who transport essential goods from one point to another.




The current disruption proves that these unsung heroes are key in ensuring continuity of some of our basic needs and services. A crucial element in managing the current Covid-19 crisis is ensuring that supply chains are maintained to optimum levels and we must appreciate the work being done by matatu and truck drivers on this.

Despite the associated risks, many drivers are working tirelessly during the Covid-19 crisis and continue to make their contribution to the entire populace felt even in this difficult phase.


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