Happy Holidays!


It is another festive season marking the end of 2019. As we all know, the season entails a lot of travelling to finalize businesses, reunite with loved ones, or enjoy festive experiences. It has been noted that many lives are lost to road accidents during this time of the year mainly due to reckless driving and non-compliance with the driving regulations and standards. In addition, the country is experiencing regular heavy rains, which further increases the potential of accident occurrence especially on the highways.

One of the most reliable ways of minimizing the chances of road accidents and staying safe during and even after this festive season is having a speed governor installed in your vehicle. Whether personal or commercial vehicle, speed governor is essential because every life is valuable and we all need to be safe as we cross over to 2020.

You should nonetheless be vigilant when choosing the speed governor to install. Road safety has been compromised to a great extent by fake, faulty, and/or low quality speed governors in the market. This is because they are generally ineffective when it comes to controlling reckless speeding, which is the major cause of traffic collisions and accidents. As such, ensure you go for government-approved speed governors, all of which have been ascertained to be of top and uncompromised quality.

As you enjoy the festive season, let safety be your top priority. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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